Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yellow Tea

Like dark tea, yellow tea was also found by chance when making green tea. People discover that if leaves are not dried in time after being finished, kneaded and twisted, they will turn yellow in color, thus comes the name of yellow tea. At first, people took yellow tea as bad-quality green tea. Yet since people have different taste, many people prefer the savor of yellow tea, which makes yellow tea become one of the six major teas. Yellow tea belongs to fermented tea, and the fermenting process is called "annealing yellow." Junshan Silver Needle of Hunan and Mengdi Yellow Shoot of Sichuan are two representatives of yellow tea. Silver Needle leaves stand straight after being cooked by porcelain teapots and only subside to the bottom after times of floating and sinking. Being one of the ten top teas of China, Silver Needle leaves are like bamboo shoots breaking out of the soil or spears drawn out of the sheath, both beautiful and delicious.

Here are the blog: introduction to yellow tea, you can get more information from it!


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